Have you ever dreamt about working for InGen?
Checking the safety fences, starting the Explorers, beginning the tour?
Have you ever dreamt of bringing prehistoric legends back to life?

Now all of that is possible!

JPOS offers a fully-interactive virtual workspace with all the tools you will need to manage the daily operations of Jurassic Park. The system features:

  • System Console
  • Private Intramail
  • Group Chat
  • Park Security Camera Access
  • Tour Command Console

Personal Entertainment Console & MP3 Player And More!

JPOS is an online, economy-based simulation of the systems used in Jurassic Park.
Each JPOS Operator will be responsible for the operation and management of their own personal virtual gene sequencer. At midnight (Costa Rican time), each Operator will automatically receive new computer-time points, which must be collected to use in their sequencer or sent to the central Databank for others on the InGen Team to use.

More Points = More Computing Time = More DNA.

To create a dinosaur, you must start with the DNA!

At first, all new DNA strands are empty. You must spend the computer-time points you have been provided in your sequencer to extract DNA fragments. You will then use these fragments to fill the holes in the DNA strand and complete the code.

And now, we can make a baby dinosaur.

After the DNA strand is complete, the group supervisor will be responsible for working with their team to bring the baby dinosaur to life! Once hatched, the baby dinosaur will be monitored for a few weeks; if no flaws are found, and the animal is healthy, she will be released into the park. The park can support up to 200 animals.

Stored computer-time points can also be used to feed the dinosaurs on a bi-weekly schedule, or for refuelling the diesel depots required to run the secondary power system. While the main system's power is generated by a geothermal station, the power the station supplies is limited and not always enough to fully operate all park systems and facilities, so Operators will have to make use of the secondary power system.

Would you like to know more ?
Check the Frequently Asked Question for more details.


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